Now entering Hustle Collective

Celebrate the hustle of every outdoor bike adventure.

What is Hustle Collective?

Our bibs act as your lifetime membership pass to record and reward you with a sweet suite of cycling benefits.
Earn CARB$ tokens simply by riding your bike outside. Redeem them to win gear, plant trees, support youth, or donate them to create a more inclusive sport.

Where does the collective get together?

That’s up to you! We connect riders over discord and in real life. You decide your own level of involvement - the only thing you need is a bib, bike, and GPS to start earning rewards. This isn’t just ride tracking - it’s a complete cycling ecosystem to find partners, friends, guidance, and more.
Riding a bike is awesome but it’s even better with friends and free gear.
Join us on a digital scavenger hunt, you never know what you may find! 🚲 👀
Discover groups devoted to communities like: Women Who Ride, Explore New Trails, BIPOC Bikes, LGBTQ+ riders, and more.
Come rub elbows with some legends of the sport like Alison Tetrick, Ned Overend, and Payson McElveen during our frequently hosted AMA’s.
Collective gear reviews! We know you've got opinions 😬. Apply to give your unbiased feedback to the community and brands.
Each customizable bib is yours to own or sell. Gone are the days of monthly dues and updating card info when you leave it at the after a ride hang 🍻.

The Road Map

Hustle Collective - World Tour
Season 1
Join our free discord for a chance to win prizes - no purchase necessary!
Become a founding member with our first 1000 bibs that will forever earn more perks!
Earn tokens for riding your bike! Get rewarded for the hustle you put out in the real world.
Exchange CARB$ to win gear, customize your bib, and more. 🚲🍩🚲
The collective gives back. Plant a tree, build a trail, or sponsor inclusivity simply by riding your bike.
Introducing the Hunt. Snag gear & collectibles out in the world simply by riding past them!
👀 eyes peeled for airdrops, collabs with your favorite brands, using your bib for entry into real world events, and much more.
The Golden Hunt is on! Our N+1 Drop is a digital scavenger hunt that gives you a chance to win a custom, top-of-the-line bike IRL.
Join us in our digital coffee shop with features like unique monthly leaderboards, AMA events, and a digital art gallery.
The rest is up to the collective! Hustle in and help us build the future of cycling that you want!

Why buy a Bib?

Yes, we are using an environmentally friendly blockchain. This technology is a digital ledger that keeps us accountable and transparent to our community and the environment. It also allows us to create a one time-lifetime membership you can sell or gift.Whether you want to visualize your riding data in a new way, hunt gear & collectables, or redeem CARB$ to enrich the future of cycling, we have something for you. Do so with the peace of mind that your data is yours and the adventure is up to you.

Meet The Team

We’re a collective that shares the love of two wheels and where they take us. We include professional cyclists, amateur cyclists, every-once-in-a-while cyclists, artists, designers, creatives, developers, coffee roasters, chefs, and more - we’d call ourselves the ultimate peloton but our lawyers said we can’t.