What is our Community Purpose?

We want to build this community around the shared love of cycling. We welcome everyone no matter your cycling discipline or goals. We are a mission based company. Give back to grow youth development in the sport, build a trail or plant a tree.

How are you managing sustainability?

We are applying to become a certified B Corporation and hold ourselves accountable to those comprehensive and transparent regulations. Our Director of Sustainability is leading this process submission.

Why buy a membership Bib NFT?

The Bib NFT is our Membership pass that provides you access to our collective. Win free gear, hunt for NFT collections or ride to earn CARB$ which you can use to support our bike related 501c charities. By using NFT technology, all transactions are transparent and provide you with ownership of the items you buy and collect.

Where does my NFT live?

On the Flow blockchain.

Why the Flow blockchain?

This particular blockchain is an industry leader in lowest energy consumption by using a proof of stake protocols. It uses less energy than one google search. Only .18 GWh per year. That means we are conscious of reducing the carbon impact on our planet.

Will my Bib NFT be valuable?

While we cannot guarantee that the membership NFT will hold any monetary value after purchase, we do believe that with all the unique benefits offered, members will find that its purchase is worth the immersive experiences and ability to give back to the bike community at large.

Can I resell my Bib NFT?

At any time you will be able to resell your membership bib NFT if you wish. If you sell your membership you will no longer have access to Hustle Collective and its experiences.

Can I donate a Bib NFT membership?

You may donate your bib and transfer ownership to someone else that would like to enjoy all the benefits of the collective.

How many are there?

Hustle Collective will launch Season One with a collection of 15,000 Community NFTs. This first collection of NFTs will always maintain the best perks.

How do I purchase?

You can use a credit card to easily purchase your NFT directly on the platform. Your bank or credit card may apply 3rd party fees so please understand your specific bank charges.You are also responsible for any third party gas fees that are charged by the blockchain. However, these are small fees and another reason why we chose the Flow blockchain.

Can I return my bib?

Unfortunately, ownership of the NFT is mediated entirely by the Smart Contract on the FLOW Blockchain. At no point may we seize, freeze, or otherwise modify the ownership of any membership bib. ALL FEES ARE FINAL PAYMENTS AND NON-REFUNDABLE.

What makes my bib special?

All Membership Bibs are amazing but some can be rarer than others based on the number, color, background, and stickers that it holds. The initial 15,000 bib holders in Season One will have special carbs and sweepstakes earning incentives as compared to other future members.

What do I need to participate?

A bike, a helmet and a GPS tracking device or APP. Please always obey the rules of the road. Please, always ride safe.

Who can participate in the sweepstakes?

Our goal is to allow as many people to participate that the laws allow. For each sweepstakes, check the Official Rules for complete details.