May 2022

RIDE. REDEEM. REPEAT.Yeah, we’re past carbo loading and know the benefits of a balanced diet. But... Let’s be real, donuts, pizza, and a recovery beer just hit different after a ride! (and protein token just doesn’t have the same ring...) Spin your bike outside, earn CARB$ online. CARB$ is a utility token and the main source of life for cyclists. Use your tokens to redeem rewards, customize your experience, and win real world gear.
Founding members will earn CARB$ at the highest rates. Turn your CARB$ in for a wide variety of perks and even a chance to win gear! Founders (first 1000 bibs): 10 CARB$ per rideDon't miss out on the founders series. These bibs will always be the most rare and include the most perks!

More details coming soon!

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We’re hustling to further build the full ecosystem. It’s important that we take our time with developing the full tokenomics before providing full details on supply. CARB$ is a utility token that is used to further enrich the experience in our collective. It is NOT an investment and has NO economic value.